I wish..

Still haven't received word on when.. How bout y'all?

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Yay, I received my first shot of Pfizer. Alas no 5G ..yet? The second shot will be next month, maybe then the network will be up. ;D
So far no pain but it has only been 1 hour.
The folder does say that some people experience pain in the (shot) arm (90%), feeling flushed/tired (80%), and headache (50%).


>>37123>>37122 Felt great the day of the shot, felt knackered the day after, felt great again the next day. Got my card stamped....and a sticker.


>>37121 I remember having the same thing when I was a kid and got one of the shots (I only don't remember what for though).

I hope, by now, you're feeling better. Do you get like a 'got all my shots' card?


>>37121 Well that sucks. I was hoping the second does would be less severe.

Hope you're feeling well now.


had my second. it put me out for a whole day. aches and chills surpassing the worst flu i've experienced.


Good to hear you're feeling more yourself.

I'm happy to hear your parents didn't have a bad time with the vaccine. From what I hear it's only the oxford-astrazeneca vaccine that causes the headaches for a lot of people. I'm guessing your parents had a different one.

Fingers crossed you'll get your vaccine soon.


Update on ma dad: nothing! Absolutely no pains. Lucky bastard.

My mum had her first one today. She had to stay a bit longer cause of past allergies. But she was cleared after half an hour.


Feeling a lot better now, after a week, it's still a bit sore tough and I've slept like a (good) baby this weekend (read: a LOT).

My dad had his vaccine yesterday and he has a bit of a sore spot. We'll see if has any side effects this week..

Still no word when I get it get it


Thanks dude. Glad you're feeling almost your old self again. Pity it didn't gave you super powers, maybe with the next shot?

The medicine help but it makes me very sleepy.


>>37101 Yeah, teeth are bastards! Why the fuck do we have nerves in our fucking teeth and jaw!?! You have my sympathy, I hate tooth pain.

Thankfully I'm feeling a bit more human today. I hope you will soon.

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>>37099>>37100 yay :/

To ease your suffering a bit I just had surgery last Monday. They removed a dead tooth and drilled in my jaw to remove a previous root canal treatment. I'm not eating solids at the moment and I have this nagging pain.


Well this morning I feel like a bag of bollocks that's been put through a meat grinder! :/

It's not really surprising that the side effects of the vaccination are a bit stronger for me as I have ME, but I didn't expect to become freezing cold in the middle of the night. I feel like I have mild flu today, all aches & pains etc. I'm sure it won't last long and I planned to take it easy anyway today.

Apparently it's only the AstraZeneca vaccine that has these side effects for most people so you may be lucky and get no side effects at all :)

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Got my first covid vaccination today.

Pretty sure I can feel the autism, ADHD and 5G kicking in already. With those powers combined I'll be able to defeat covid. I assume that would take the form of a power rangers style battle scene :D

Apparently I should expect a sore arm and maybe some headaches in the next few days, but otherwise I should be fine.


But luck is with the dumb - Dutch saying. ;)


It'll most likely be the AstraZeneca - Oxford vaccine. I the UK has a lot of them going spare right now as nobody currently wants them due to the blood clot thing (and of course because BoJo doesn't like to share) :/

My brother and sister had that one and they are both still alive and not clotted so fingers crossed I'll be fine. Although they do say 'third time's the charm'...


Nice! Do you know which vaccine?

Pity about no microchip though. I could do with wireless while walking/cycling ;)

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I'm finally getting 5G installed, err I mean vaccinated, next Tuesday :D

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Progress with (shitty) options. At least you heard something.


I got a text message this morning inviting me to book in for a vaccination. I can book the first jab for early May in the city about 10 miles away but it then tells me there are no appointments available there for my second jab so I'll have to travel 40 miles to get the second jab! WTF!! I'll wait and see if they can sort that bullshit out before I book it. It's also possible I can wait for my local doctor to offer me an appointment in my local town only 3 miles away. The wait goes on...


My brother is having his vaccine today, but when I looked to see if I could book an appointment it wasn't possible where I live :/

There seems to be a lot of confusion here over whether you are supposed to wait to contacted or just go to the website and try to book and appointment. I think probably people are flooding the booking website so people like me are getting pushed back :/