Jeff Bezos’ rocket launch

I don't remember it like that either but when I checked to see what was stored in the database, which holds all the content, it was the same.

I just checked your latest comments and it's stored exactly as it looks below. I don't know why it's wrong in the title but I don't need any more computer problems today so I don't care :D

Windows 11

>>37273 My lawyers have advised me not to discuss that matter.

First blackout in 42 years!

I've used American Road in BeamNG it played ok, but since the latest updates all/some of my mods are broken so I deleted them all. I'll have to re-download some soon. I like the default maps but they are too small to go fast.

A bit of rain

>>37257 yeah, that tsunami back when came to mind. Luckily nobody I know was harmed, only one friend saw his basement flooded. But he said that happens with every long period of rain.

Odd part is though, this has happened before just not in this scale.
One would think living nearby rivers, at least here in Europe, that this is a likely scenario each summer when the glacier melt. I've seen rivers swell twice their sizes in Austria.
However, more than half of the Netherlands is below the sea level so I guess it's not that odd.

This.. thing SQUATS!

Yup, seems fine.


It's all a good excuse to get to play with some sweet vehicles! :D

Different weather per area of the map sounds interesting.

I wonder if there will be a demo available like there has been for the last 2 versions of PC. Hopefully!

New Pointless Law is Pointless... ...And A Law!


>>37220 I also felt the smoke/powder was all theatrics.

>>37221 It just about turns, but then again turning isn't something bikes do very well anyway. At least is has a reverse gear.

I Know What I Have!

>>37211 It looks like a robot tellytubby XD

Big train through narrow streets

>>37210 I remember seeing this a few times as a kid. We'd be up some lovely quite hill/mountain, no one around, and suddenly a jet appears and roars by!?! I remember one time we were higher than the jet and we could see in to the cockpit and the pilot look back at us. It was pretty amazing.

The Soy Who Loved Me


Amish Gangsta Paradise

Well now you know, I'm a pro shit shiner!


I figured that, lol.


Although for all we know he might have been an ungrateful bastard as well. ;D


>>0just because you can, doesn't mean you should

How did I miss this show?

I've watched the first episode and it doesn't seem too bad so far. We'll see how it goes.

Rick & Morty was good. Hopefully we are in for a good season.

It's a Jeep thing

>>37177 Americas 'rust belt' is a killer for anything made of iron, but if they used better quality steel and paint processes it wouldn't anything like as big a problem. Of course it would make those cars more expensive.

I wish..

Yay, I received my first shot of Pfizer. Alas no 5G ..yet? The second shot will be next month, maybe then the network will be up. ;D
So far no pain but it has only been 1 hour.
The folder does say that some people experience pain in the (shot) arm (90%), feeling flushed/tired (80%), and headache (50%).

shhh, don't wake the sleeping Leopard

Silly tank! You're not a dog, you don't need belly rubs! XD

Life is..

It's all about priorities.

Having ice cream is more important than the life of a politician or member of the royal family!

Can't wait!

>>37168 I hope so :)

Who goes first?

>>37165 Most, if not all, of those systems can be turned off. My dad got a replacement car recently that had lane assist, every time you changed lanes without using the indicator the steering wheel would vibrate. Which he found annoying so he turned it off.

Actually I think I have enough loot already.

Now, if it were a woman Geralt would be all over (in) it.

God, give me a sign!

Ah yes, I see it now.

The Real Avengers

>>37146 Nice! :D

No need to lick your asshole though

>>0 No thanks, I'll pass.
>>37141 Not for me.
>>37142 Ok, I'll take it.
>>37143 Giggity Giggity Goo! :D

Coming over for dinner..

If cat's could talk this one would be saying 'it would be a shame if you were to mysteriously die in your sleep'.


At first I missed seeing the little Leo DiCaprio guy....

This is brilliant.

I may have to try and make a few shot glass figures in the future. Keeping the scale small, this could easily be done with some copper wire, solder and such.

Hello JC, how are you doing?

Make sure you wear something bright (neon) yellow or pink!

Vomit comet

Those huge wheels and tyres must be damn expensive!

These cars are proof of the saying 'just because you can doesn't mean you should'