I wish..

had my second. it put me out for a whole day. aches and chills surpassing the worst flu i've experienced.

Finally a cause I can get behind

It needed to be said. Well done

Hello, Goodbye

>>37117 There will probably be a vote for Scotland to leave at some point in the next few years. It's hard;y surprising that Scotland wants out of the total shit show of Brexit and the conservative party.

I might move to Scotland if they vote to leave.

If it fits it sits

Of course 50% of cats will do this and the other 50% will refuse :D

Be Safe In The Workplace!

Work smarter not harder


I'm not sure which one I'd feel most sorry for in this relationship XD

a wood(en) monument

Looks like it's having a little trouble staying up ;D

That bear looks pretty impressed though! :D

Finally something of value

Just rub its belly.

Firefox 88

>>37103 Dear Microsoft,
For the love of god fix the fucking bugs in Windows and stop fucking about with pointless shit like fonts.
Absolutely fucking everyone ever

The 4 Stages Of Waifu

Where's his eye-patch?

I'm now part of a leak

Yeah, it's super fun when companies we trust with our data fuck up :/

Another weird W10 bug/issue

"It feels like it's run by 10 year olds." - Fun Fact: This is why it's called Windows 10 XD

Worth watching [NSFW]

I agree, Solar Opposites is no Rick & Morty but it's still quite fun.

Guess the country

I doubt the dude took a bite out of the little freak but this species is not venomous to humans. When bitten the area will hurt though. And CONGRATS! You won this little GOLDEN ORB SPIDER!

RIP Prince Philip (1921-2021)

At least your royal family looks halfway normal, ours are all inbred mutants! XD

You and I need this, NOW!

>>37074 Yarp!

This is fine. Everything's fine.

I hear you loud and clear. I'm not interested in the decades old infighting in NI, both sides are fucking morons in my opinion. I'd be perfectly happy for NI to become part of Ireland again.

However the violence before the Good Friday Agreement was bad for everyone and I was very happy to see that come to an end. The fact that Boris and the Brexiteers are causing old wounds to open up again really disgusts me. This was always going to happen if the UK left the customs union and single market, but they didn't care.

Out with the old in with the new

>>37067 Sounds like fun :/

Yesterday's weather was weird

>>37059 And....it's gone!

Network bridge?


Them boys are at it again

>>37052 Looks like Daisy's let herself go a bit ;D

Server May Be Down At Times For OS Upgrade...

You'd probably need to unlock the bootloader and manually install the version you wanted. Normally when you unlock the bootloader any data is deleted automatically so backup everything first. Once the bootloader is unlocked you could also root the phone but the phone wouldn't be considered secure by android then so things like banking apps would no longer work. And yes it is all a pain in the arse and hardly worth the effort! XD

Happy Easter

Nobody suspects the Spanish deportation


Pretty but dumb

Exactly! I really think the first one is just a show car idea without the show car quality.

Now that second car, that's sweet!

Engineers, architects, politicians..

>>37027 I don't blame you but I do want my drink, ffs ;)

Cyberpunk 2077 thread

Same game, maybe less bugs. Maybe!

Agent of chaos

>>37013 This is probably why the UK is having problems with importing and exporting goods lately (and not that Brexit thing obviously!)

RIP Jessica Walter - 1941-2021

A very cool lady. She'll be missed.


Seems fine to me. It's clearly been earthed so what's the problem XD