Got myself an APC!

Thank you. FS2020 now also supports VR but I haven't tried it yet.

Damn USA, wtf?!

>>36807 There's one video of 3 guards (not armed) standing before a door. The crowd got so out of hand and threatening, they stepped away. Several men were breaking the glass and a guard inside shot one thru the glass. Needless to say, breaking down that door wasn't as important as it had been a few moments before. Dead laying around do have a way of adjusting attitudes.


Makes sense to me :D

Hello, Goodbye

>>36810 Here (UK) things are a little less well organised. There is no government estimate, but a third party site that was mentioned on several UK news websites suggested I'll be vaccinated in Q1-Q2... ...2022 :/

That site based it's estimate on 1M vaccinations a week which something the government hasn't achieved yet, but they claim they'll be doing 2M a week very soon.

I think realistically it'll be s0mewhere between Q3 21 and Q2 22.

Times change

There's a local businessman who drives a Toyota Tundra, as his commercial vehicle. It is, as you guessed, massive compared to the all other vehicles on our roads.
He's has an LPG tank in the back; even for a business owner it would be mental with the local petrol prices. Also I haven't seen it do an u-turn.

So, the petrol version does, on average, 15,9 l/100 km (1 liter gets you 6,3 km) which is even more abysmal when you drive on LPG. But let's stick with petrol. Current local prices for Petrol (Euro95 E10) are €1,49 per liter. It has according to Toyota either a 26,4 Gallon (137 liter) or a 38 Gallon (143 liter) tank. So to fill those up it would cost our businessman around € 200 per 863 or 900 km. Also it has to pay the road tax which is €203 per 3 months, and lastly insurance (I can't check that one alas).

The price for LPG is only €0,58 per liter.

Oh and if you wonder how much tax it would cost if you buy this vehicle for yourself (non commercial); only €749 per 3 months :O

>>36805 I've seen the narrow roads on your island. Worse in the villages/cities. ATS & ETS remind me too much of Midtown Madness :D

Yay! Let 2021 be better, please!

>>36802 LOL and Thank you!

>>36803 Thank you!

This truck carries the world

Meh, this is nothing, you just press left or right and it'll flip back over right? Then it'll be time for more sweet stunts ;D

Cyberpunk 2077 thread

>>36798 I'm sure I've missed a ton of things like that, but that's what will make it fun to play through several times.

Pouvez-vous lire Norse?

Nice! It's good to see modern religion accept it's history and roots.

I'm not sure about the exact details of the symbol but I know Bluetooth was a famous Norse man. If I remember correctly his name and symbol were used as he connected a bunch of smaller tribes together.

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas.

Happy holidays!

MC Pope


Beautiful place

Damn! What an amazing place.

Soon for you Brits

>>36756 Yay!

Formula 1 accident

>>36747 Nice! I'm doing ok. Same shit different day. You know how it goes.


SPLINK! What is good for?!

But seriously 2020 is a shit year :(

The Jeepham? Prangler?

I know, right? But Shaq seems unfazed by him, just a relaxed dude in a tin can ;)

Is Bukkake Turkey A Thing?

LOL! Some people are too dumb to think..I wonder how they survive.

At least not on turkey apparently. ;D

Theremin - the no touch instrument


My Wonderful Mum (1939-2020)

>>36720 Great photo. I think we all look a lot like our fathers :D

I'm doing fine, same old shit different day! :)


>>36714 That's another good reason not to eat haggis.

Cleaning the road so good

And this is why most pedestrian bridges are narrow! :D

Truth Seekers - enjoyable

I agree. I've watched the first 3 episodes and I'm enjoying it. I'm hoping they make more of it.

The future is now!

I do wonder how safe it is though. It doesn't look like there is much crumple zone both vertical and horizontally. Also it's mos def not my kind of car as it's too low, I would break my back getting in and out ;)

Name a more iconic duo

You know, I'm something of a wrecking ball, myself.

>>36703 Yikes!

I'm going to THAT store, you know.

Sure everyone knows how to get there, you start at Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, go past Pontrhydfendigaid, through Rhosllannerchrugog, then follow the path to Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf and then it's just up the road :S

Sick moves, bro.

Yeah, pity I can't find it on soundcloud or something similar

Marc Rebillet is a Muscial Genius!

>>36697 I think the Ned Flanders thing is intentional :D

Sassy Justice - by the creators of South Park

This is brilliance

Stupid sexy nature

Stupid Sexy Flanders