Much respect

Trying my hand at freehand lettering again. I want to pinstripe and letter the welding helmet.

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I'll bet you'll do great! What do you have in mind, Oldballs?


I worked in a sign shop back in the 60's (silk screen realty yard signs) and just did the silk screening process. We had an artist that would do the hand lettered specialty signs and cut all the film for the silk screens. His hands were very talented and he would say "They just know what to do". He'd had 4 years of art school but admitted all the students were "gifted" when they started.
Watching Glen Weisgerber in those tutorials makes me feel very small when it comes to having steady hands and creativity.
We all have different fields of expertise that we do well. It's fun to branch out sometimes and try our hand at other things even though it isn't perfect.
1Shot sign paint is what our artist used. He also had many expensive brushes.


I know that brushes an paint selection are things I am not doing right so far. For ease I have been using oil based paint pens or detail brushes and water based craft paints. The pens work out great, but are a fixed width and don't give the smooth flowing, thick to thin like the brushes.
I just need to commit to it and buy some lettering brushes and 1shot sign paint.


>>29111 I don't feel I have the talent yet either, nor the steady hand, but I am trying to practice more and more to train my eyes and hands to produce.


>>29117 Forgot that part...much repsect to those who can free hand letter.

respect to hwom?

I don't have a welding helmet.


Looking good. I'd love to be able to do this sort of thing but just don't have the talent :/


What steps have to be taken before, during and after the process? (like special paint, coating etc)