New shift knob for the truck

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no worries, it's a good exercise for my neck ;)


I posted them from my phone. Usually I drag the pictures from my phone to the PC and then post them.


The photos are rotated due to the bullshit way in which windows handles photos. Most digital photos have orientation data in them to tell the software how to display the image. Windows has a really half-arsed approach to using this data so some software will show it correctly and others will get it wrong. It's a total nightmare! You will simply have to preview your photos and rotate them with the options in windows explorer or a photo viewer. :/


>>29106 This one started its life as a yellow #1 billiard ball. Placed it on as a stop gap measure when the OE shift knob fell apart. Then decided to customize it further. Raised the knob up 8 inches from its original position, so now fifth gear isn't such a reach.

(47.0 Kb, 370x377)
Why are my pictures coming in rotated?

The kids have collected sooo many over the years. Then they get bored with them and sell some off at garage sales, then they get interested again and spend the garage sale proceeds on new cards.
Having a Pokemon with a similar name, this seemed fitting.

(124.5 Kb, 677x553)

Is this your truck?
Sweet work by the way.


O-balls, have you collected them all? Or your kids?

(489.4 Kb, 1632x1224)

I kept this when I sold my old Cortina, but it doesn't really fit in my Mazda. One day it'll be used again......