Cyberpunk 2077
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True, it's fun when transporting massive things. The regular stuff is boring af. The trucking in GTA, however, is always fun :D


I've looked at truck simulators many times but they just look so boring. I like the idea of doing trucking missions but spending ages on featureless roads in a game doesn't appeal to me.

Thankfully farm simulator is much more about messing around with the machines and less on doing something boring for ages. Also and really boring things in FS19 can be given to an AI to do.

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Back at it again

>>36360 That makes sense. That's why I got Euro Truck Simulator.

I saw Hardspace Shipbreaker on youtube but I'm still in a bind. It looks nice indeed but just a bit empty. Not enough to justify purchasing just yet.


>>36358 Yeah, that happened :D

Spintires is worse than the Mudrunner follow up which is a shame. But was very cheap so I'll still get my moneys worth out of it.

Sonic All Stars is kind of fun in a Mario Kart kind of way. Sometimes I don't want a serious driving games so this is good for that. It was very cheap so happy with this one too.

Farm Simulator 19 has a ton of vehicles you can drive and mess about in, and I grew up around farms so I do like that kind of stuff. Will I play it properly, probably not for long because that's boring, but getting on sale I still think I'll get my moneys worth. Will I be buying any DLC? No.

I also recently got Hardspace Shipbreaker which
involves taking apart spaceships. It's fun if you like taking things apart but it's also limited to a few ship types and can be really frustrating. It's early access so it has room to grow, and hopefully will.

I'll probably look again at the steam sale and maybe get some other bits too :D

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Lol, is it any good, Farmer Jesus?

>>36347 ">>36346 I really hope this is the last delay

You know when the waiting is getting to you when you think maybe Farm Simulator would be a good purchase XD"

Oh I see, that bad he?

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No dirty lens mod

Yes, first person perspective when walking and 3rd when driving cars or bikes.

Oh no, don't tell me you don't know you can mod The Witcher 3?!


>>36353 Interesting. Is the player always first person unless in a car? I don't remember that from the early videos they showed. Looks good though. Looks like the combat is comparable to an FPS game rather than the simple GTA style.

I really hope modding will be a thing but it would be a first for their game engine so who knows. There are threads on the offical CDPR forums about people wanting modding but I don't see any official reply, not surprising though as they want to make the game first. CDPR seem to have a good idea of what makes a game good so for that reason I'm hopeful they'll support modding at some point.


I thought Keanu was a projection? Dunno much more than you.

I saw some reviewers actually played the game for 4 hours. It also showed the character intro for a bit. The dude said the cities are big and, indeed, there's a "Mad Max" style wasteland. According to him it will take a long time to see it all. Video is in Dutch though (english subs)

The next question: mods?


It looks like there are more varied landscapes than I expected which makes me hopeful the vehicles might actually be good to drive.
I'm still not sure how Keanu Reeves ties in to it all though.
There was an interesting article I read on about being able to choose from 3 different origin stories for your character.

I'm really looking forward to this game. I'm hoping it'll be a fun open world to mess about in like GTA.


Did you see the preview yesterday? It looks finished to me..but I will be brave ;)

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>>36346 I really hope this is the last delay

You know when the waiting is getting to you when you think maybe Farm Simulator would be a good purchase XD

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Delayed again :(

Hopefully the game will be released before Star Citizen ;)


>>36004 true


Delayed until September 17th :/

But I'd sooner have a better game than a buggy one.



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I just had to stop it.


It's just flying by :D


Yay! And only 311 days to go...

...Has it been 311 days yet?