RIP Leonard Nimoy

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JJ Abrahms blew it by not putting Shatner in the last Star Trek movie with Nemoy when the opportunity existed. As a fan of the original actors, I think that's a real shame and great loss..


Always sad to see a legend go, but he has left us with a great legacy of work...

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I saw in the news the other day he'd gone to the hospital with chest pains. Guess we always think they'll fix them. 83's not bad. He did a lot in his lifetime.


Leonard Nimoy lived up to his longtime catchphrase: Live long and prosper. Having achieved success in many arenas during his lifetime, the actor, director, writer and photographer has died at age 83. His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, reportedly confirmed his death to the New York Times, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.